Prairie Fire Children’s Theater

Prairie Fire Children’s Theater is bringing Tom Sawyer to NHE! Student actors and stage crew needed,

Love & Logic

Parenting the Love and Logic Way class is coming soon.  Please review the for dates and more information about this class.


Pennies for Patients was a great success at North Hudson Elementary.  Students raised a grand total of $2,496.16!! This exceeded the goal for our school, so Mrs. Sexe gets a pie to the face at the next All-School Meeting.  Thank you to all that donated to Pennies for Patients.

Kid’s Carnival

Kids Carnival is just around the corner – Saturday, April 18!  It takes a ton of volunteers to make this event happen. If you are interested in volunteering, please check out the sign up link below: 


Order your YEARBOOK today!  Please click on this to order and enter code: 3242120.  Yearbook orders are due by April 6, 2020.


REGISTRATION FOR 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR IS NOW OPEN365体育官方网站.  Please click .


Please call the Attendance Line (715-377-3872) if your child will be absent or arriving late to school. Hudson’s elementary schools do not365体育官方网站 have online attendance reporting.

  • You must call the Attendance Line each day your child is absent, unless you have submitted a
  • Please send a written note with your child when they return to school.
  • The Family Vacation Form should be turned in to the school office no later than one week prior to your child’s absence.
  • A child will be recorded as absent a half day if he/she arrives at school after 10:00 AM or leaves prior to 2:00 PM.


365体育官方网站Our students will have recess daily with the exception of extreme weather conditions such as rain or severe cold/wind chill temperatures.

  • Temperature 0 degrees F or below = Indoor recess
  • Wind chill -10 degrees F or lower = Indoor recess
  • Wind chill between 0 degrees F and -10 degrees = Outdoor Recess may be shortened or cancelled by the principal based on local conditions


  • Temperature 50 degrees F or higher = Jacket optional
  • Temperature below 50 degrees F = Jacket required
  • Temperature below 35 degrees F = Jacket, snow pants, hats and mittens required
  • Wet & muddy ground = Boots required
    • No boots = Sidewalk only during recess
  • Snow on the ground = Boots, snow pants, mittens, & hat required
    • No boots = Sidewalk only during recess
    • No snow pants = Blacktop only during recess